Monthly Archives: June 2020

We Love and Hate WordPress Plugins

WordPress, being the go-to CMS (Content Management System) for both personal and corporate use, does have limitations when it comes to its core functionality. When we want to add features to a WP site, a plugin can supplement the core features of WordPress without extensive coding and server settings. When they work well, plugins can […]

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How Technical Details May Be Holding Your Site Back

It can be extremely frustrating to go to a website and have a horrible experience, whether through slow site speed, broken links, or incorrectly categorized pages. All of these factors and more can keep visitors from finding what they need from your site, and search engines take that into account. The technical details of a […]

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Website Images – Best Practices for SEO

As everyday web browsing technology improves, it is possible, and sometimes expected, that websites contain graphically intensive content that attracts viewers with color and intensity. Graphic designers play a large part in the look and feel of a website, but their concern is usually only how the site looks, not how it performs in loading […]

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Best Free SEO Tools for Small Business

Implementing search engine optimization tactics into your business is hard enough. Tracking the results of your efforts can be even harder. Because of how sophisticated SEO can be, the tools and software you use to measure results can often be expensive. However, as technology has improved, there are plenty of free SEO tools you can […]

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Internal Linking for Strategic SEO

Search engine spiders are the data collectors that populate the search results we use every day. They are simple robots that follow one link to another, tell the search engines what web pages exist, and what web properties point to them. Links from external sources are the most sought after, but internal linking is an […]

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