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Why Backlinks are Important

The portion of the Internet we use on a daily basis is called the World Wide Web, a very accurate description of how all of the websites and web properties in the world are tied together. The strands of fibers between websites are made up of hypertext links, creating a path through the internet from […]

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How to Maximize Google My Business

If you’re a local small business, Google My Business is one of your most powerful tools for ranking your website organically for search. This tool has become an essential part of any local business marketing strategy, and there are a number of ways to optimize on the platform. How Using Google My Business is Beneficial […]

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In a digital world, figuring out how to market your business adds new options that we couldn’t have even imagined 20 years ago. While the days of full-page ads in newspapers and magazines are not completely gone, the focus has pivoted toward the online space where websites and social media dominate our daily lives. Two […]

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