Gabriel Goyo | Content Coordinator

Meet Gabriel

Gabriel Goyo is the Content Coordinator of 201 Creative, LLC. He executes the content strategies and oversees the content production for a variety of media properties we manage through our digital marketing agency.

Gabriel majored in Modern Languages at the Central University of Venezuela, one of the oldest and highest-ranking institutions in the country and the continent. Over the past 6 years, he’s dived deep into Content Strategy, Branding Identity, and Inbound Marketing, with specializations from the Northwestern University, IE Business School, and Marketing Institutions like Hubspot.

Gabriel Goyo

Gabriel Goyo | Content Coordinator

His background in languages combined with his interest in digital marketing has led Gabriel to gain an appreciation not only for the power of the written word to showcase a brand’s best face through specific style guidelines; but also to the best practices to attract strangers, turn them into frequent visitors, close leads, and delight customers.

Gabriel has extensive experience in ensuring technical accuracy, consistency, quality, and search engine optimization of written content for high-traffic sites. He specializes in maximizing content impact and audience engagement through strategic storytelling and understanding the needs of the target audience.

He brings a laser focus and attention to detail when it comes to analyzing factors that may impact a page’s performance, see what works on top-ranking pages, and use this information with a data-driven approach to optimization content so it’s constantly up to date and outranking competitors.

Prior to 201 Creative, Gabriel worked with several digital marketing agencies, editorials, and startups around the globe; managing multicultural and multilingual writers, designers, and developers, as well as gathering comprehensive knowledge and experience about crafting thoroughly researched content that engages targeted audiences.

Gabriel currently lives in Caracas, Venezuela, with a blind rescued cat he adopted as his roommate. He enjoys writing, craft beer, martial arts, reading, and spending an inordinate amount of time in the philosophy section of any bookstore. He’s passionate about continuously learning and cultivating good habits, like meditation and journaling.

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