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9 Completely Free SEO Tools

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Implementing SEO and tracking the results is challenging – these tools help simplify this… for FREE.

We’ve created a list of the 9 best free tools to help businesses gain transparency into how their SEO is doing.

Discover some of our favorite tools and learn how to:

Optimize your site speed

A slow site is a bad experience for users, and we have a tool that helps identify how to speed up your site.

Check domain strength

See how your domain is doing compared to competitors in your industry using a simple Chrome Extension.

evaluate mobile indexing

58% of website visits are done on mobile, and this tool gives you a checklist of personalized items to optimize for mobile.

Get Ideas for content creation

Content is the cornerstone of good SEO, and this tool helps you come up with relevant topics to write.

Determine keyword density

Over-optimizing keywords can look spammy in Google’s eyes, and this tool helps you achieve the right density.

optimize on-page sEO

Quickly analyze various aspects of your on-page SEO, including total word count and schema markup with this Chrome Extension.

redirect Pages properly

HTTPS is a ranking signal for websites, and this tool will identify any redirect “loops” that may impact rankings.

review Backlink profiles

Links are the #1 factor to ranking, and it’s getting harder and harder to acquire them. We have a tool that helps you find links.

Find email addresses

Locating someone’s email address can be challenging and time consuming, and this tool automatically finds them for you.

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