We help companies create and market digital assets. Our passion is using digital technology to grow businesses. And, in that nerdy world, a 201 http status code stands for creating something new. What better way to embody what 201 Creative, LLC stands for.

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Our Beginnings

201 Creative was founded in 2019 by Jared Bauman and Kaitlin Cooper. This is actually their third company working together on, but the first that the two have been on the ownership team. Previously, they worked together at Bauman Photographers and ShootDotEdit before starting 201 Creative.

Jared brings a 20+ year history of growing companies on the back of digital marketing. Kaitlin has been there with him to help him execute the intricate marketing efforts. Together, their marketing strategy and execution has led to the growth of their previous companies, which they now use to grow the client’s businesses.

Our Expertise

Jared Bauman is a recognized authority in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry, known for his expertise, insights, and contributions. As the founder of a successful digital marketing agency, he has carved out a niche in the SEO realm through his work and thought leadership.

Bauman is the engaging host of the long-running and popular “Niche Pursuits” podcast, where he shares actionable strategies, inspiring success stories, and expert interviews on topics like SEO, affiliate marketing, and online business. His podcast has become a go-to resource for digital marketers and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their online presence and income streams.

In addition to his podcasting work, Bauman is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land, one of the most respected publications in the SEO and digital marketing industry. His articles provide valuable insights, practical tips, and analysis on the latest trends and best practices in SEO, helping professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Beyond Search Engine Land, his advice and expertise has been featured on large and respected publications like Hubspot and Legal Zoom, and he has been a guest on popular podcasts like Smart Passive Income.

Furthermore, Bauman is a sought-after speaker at marketing conferences, where he shares his knowledge and experience with audiences around the world. His dynamic presentations, covering topics from advanced SEO techniques to niche marketing strategies, have made him a favorite among attendees and event organizers alike.

Through his podcast, writing, and speaking engagements, Jared Bauman continues to shape the SEO landscape, inspiring and educating a new generation of digital marketers.

Our Approach

Marketing is at a crossroad. The average American sees over 5,000 ads every day. What worked even just a decade ago doesn’t any longer. Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever before, and its continuing to drop fast.

Combine that with the fact that consumers are in charge of where they consume information, turning to varied and ever-changing social media platforms rather than traditional means.

In this day and age, we believe digital marketing is the backbone of a successful business. A complete, thorough, and holistic marketing strategy is the only way to build a long term, scalable business in today’s climate.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Taking that approach will only lead to mediocre results. A successful marketing strategy must be based on the unique business and its target market. It must be tested, and the results must be accurately interpreted and used to change, adjust, and create growth.

201 Creative is a digital marketing agency that does just that:

  • Work with the business and its stakeholders to create a customized plan of action, based on its goals, target market, and resources
  • Execute across the necessary channels in today’s marketing environment, most notably web, SEO, and social media
  • Accurately and intimately track results, and make adjustments based on data
  • Consistently report the data and results to stakeholders to monitor results up against the goals of the company.

201 Creative specializes in helping small and medium businesses grow their company utilizing a variety of digital marketing channels, including a website content strategy based around Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook, and social media engagement on popular channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Meet the Team

Jared Bauman

Jared Bauman

CEO and Principal

Kaitlin Cooper

Kaitlin Cooper

COO and Principal

Frederick Barr

SEO Strategist

Chris Van Dyne

SEO Consultant

Ashley Tepen

Executive Assistant

Ryan Kangail

Client Manager

Siddhesh Deorukhkar

Production Operations Manager

Rajneesh Rana

Technical Coordinator

Arlene Magbanua

Operations Coordinator

Dianne Quijano

Content Coordinator

Alex Lindayag

Public Relations Coordinator

Jennyuel Bontuyan

Public Relations Strategist

Lian Magtira

Senior Content Creator

Atalokhai Ojeh

Senior Content Creator

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