Kaitlin Cooper | COO and Principal

Meet Kaitlin

Kaitlin Cooper is the Co Founder and COO of 201 Creative LLC., and is an expert in digital marketing implementation and automation.

Kaitlin has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego. Before starting 201 Creative Media, she worked alongside Jared as the Marketing Coordinator at ShootDotEdit. Together, they built the marketing team from the ground up, and Kaitlin oversaw the execution of successful marketing campaigns and daily strategic processes.

Kaitlin Cooper


Kaitlin Cooper | COO and Principal

Kaitlin has extensive knowledge in several marketing platforms, including Pardot by Salesforce, Hubspot, and Mailchimp. Understanding the process involved in converting leads to customers, Kaitlin has developed and deployed intricate email marketing funnels that are highly personalized and segmented to serve contacts custom content based on their specific life cycle stage.

Through A/B split tests on both landing pages and form implementation, Kaitlin knows how to best create pages that serve valuable content and can progressively profile contacts to maximize the information known about each person.

She is able to quickly analyze lists of data, and through complex segmentation and formulas, identify key trends and insights. Knowing that marketing and development are deeply connected, Kaitlin has also completed Developer Training courses. This has allowed her to take her marketing efforts a step further by being able to customize, update, and optimize various HTML templates, WordPress themes, and plugins.

Kaitlin lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband, where she’s rarely seen without a cup of black coffee in her hand (preferably dark roast). When she’s not analyzing marketing data, Kaitlin loves to spend her time outdoors. Whether it’s taking a trip to ski in the mountains, kayaking through rivers and lakes, or off-roading through mountain and desert trails, Kaitlin loves to explore and stay active.

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