Triple Your Revenues Through SEO, by Precisely Attracting Customers Who Are Ready to Buy What You Are Selling.

Are you on the first page of the search engine results for the keywords that match your business or brand? If not, you’re missing out on valuable leads.

Why Trust 201 Creative as your SEO Company?

Founder Jared Bauman is an industry-recognized Search Engine Optimization expert. He is the host of the longstanding and popular Niche Pursuits podcast, a contributor to Search Engine Land, and routinely booked to speak at marketing conferences.

All clients work 1-on-1 with Jared to develop and execute their SEO strategy. Book a time now for your free consultation!

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Website Audit

23 part website audit that analyzes all components of your website, from technical set up to speed to broken areas.

Content Writing

SEO optimized content that will organically rank in Google, researched using algorithmic data and manual filtering.

Link Building

High quality, manually built links for your website, boosting your authority and allowing you to outrank your competition.

Growth Strategies

Use our proprietary Search Engine Sales (SES) growth strategy to tie your SEO efforts to exploding your revenue.


We had tried working with several SEO agencies previously, and none had been able to move the needle. Not only did 201 Creative dramatically increase organic traffic, but their customer service is unparalleled. They provide constant updates and interaction, never making you feel like just another number or customer.

Cole Humphus,

I have watched my website continue to climb in organic ranking which has allowed me to reduce my total ad spend. Their wealth of data driven knowledge has helped our online reviews, custom automation projects, follow up email drip campaigns, and website improvements.

– Richard Harless, AZ Flat Fee

Prior to working with 201 we only did paid ads. Within 2 months of working with 201 on SEO, we’re top ranking for several of our keywords, and our phone is literally ringing off the hook, with everyone finding us on search.

– Jeff Youngren, The Youngrens

201 Creative has helped us reduce our monthly ad spend by increasing our organic website traffic. Jared and his team are truly a great group of trustworthy people who are organized, professional, easy to work with, and honest.

– Courtney de Craen, Paws into Grace

201 Creative has been an ultimate game changer in my business and SEO!! Their great team of extremely skilled and kind professionals made the complicated process easy-to-understand and produced incredible results!

– Dixie Dixon, Fashion Photographer and Nikon Ambassador

Almost immediately we saw our digital engagement go up and to the right. What sets 201 Creative apart, however, is that they understand numbers and lines on a chart aren’t just numbers and lines – they are real people, with real stories.

– Ian MacMaster, The Church at RB

For years I neglected to outsource backlink building because I was afraid of wasting money on scammy, spammy firms that would end up doing more harm than good. But 201 Creative was exactly what I needed – they helped me identify which posts could most benefit from some strong links, and secured relevant, high-value placements for each one.

– Dave Bowden, Founder, Irreverent Gent


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Get the benefits of 201 creative:

201 Creative works tirelessly to boost your business’s ability to compete online. We don’t just offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but we offer the complete package from online marketing strategies to email funnels and social media marketing support. By working with our company for your marketing, you are working with a team of experts. Working with a team means having all the experts in one location, allowing us to coordinate all aspects of your online marketing efforts.

When an SEO company near me is important to you, 201 Creative is here to help. To get an idea of the types of services we offer and how they integrate into making your website SEO friendly for the major search engines, let’s take a closer look at the various services that impact search engine optimization.


Nowadays, there is so much that goes into ranking well on Google. 

We perform keyword research for your national brand or local business, identifying the search terms your customers are using online. We produce content for these keywords, using advanced analytical tools to structure the content, and expert research from our professional writers. 

We network with other websites in order to build backlinks, which are online mentions pointing back to your website. This increases your online authority and allows you to rank for your key terms. 

We fix all of the technical errors on your website, and monitor for any future problems. We help your website perform faster, allowing you to rank higher and quickly serve your content to your visitors. 

Social Media

Consistent social media posting is a valuable trust signal to potential and current clients, showing them that you are active and engaged. It provides valuable social signals to your website, which gives search engines like Google more trust in your brand and website. 

We help by running your daily social media posting for you. We can also take on writing your social media copy and designing your imagery for you. We can post for you on a variety of channels, ranging from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram to Twitter.

Email Marketing

Consistently engaging your audience in a 1-to-1 environment turns passerbys into customers and helps to cultivate a loyal and engaged following. This audience will go on to make repeat purchases and evangelize your product and service to their friends and family. The best way to do this is through email marketing. 

We build an email auto-responder plan, including what emails to send and when to send them. We produce content for each email and implement the funnel, using the email client of your choice. 

We continue with more advanced tactics, such as segmenting your audience into specified lists and then sending highly targeted content to each list, add even more value and ROI to email marketing.

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Who’s behind 201 Creative?

Jared Bauman: With almost 20 years of experience in business management and digital marketing, he brings a rich background of both knowledge and experience in helping companies grow. He has started and sold multiple companies, growing each on the backbone of a highly technical and successful digital marketing strategy. 

Jared is highly regarded in the business, SEO, and website communities. A 9 time speaker at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference, Jared has conducted several multi-day courses on Creative Live, in addition to two national speaking tours. Jared is currently the host of the popular Niche Pursuits podcast, a 13 year running show with a large, international audience and over 70,000 downloads monthly. 

Follow on Linkedin or hire Jared for business consulting. Read more about Jared’s background here.

Kaitlin Cooper: Jared’s right hand for over a decade, she is an expert in digital marketing implementation and automation. Before  201 Creative, she worked alongside Jared at his two previous companies, building the marketing team from the ground up. She oversaw the execution of successful marketing campaigns and daily strategic processes.

Kaitlin has extensive knowledge in several marketing platforms, including Pardot by Salesforce, Hubspot, and Mailchimp. Understanding the process involved in converting leads to customers, Kaitlin has developed and deployed intricate email marketing funnels that are highly personalized and segmented to serve contacts custom content based on their specific life cycle stage.

Read more about Kaitlin’s background here.

Step 1

Successful SEO Produces More LEADS

Getting your brand organically found online takes precision. It’s not black magic, even though it might look like it to your competitors. Data-driven optimization puts your brand at the exact spot your target audience is looking, and ensures your business will get all the leads that your reputation has worked so hard to create.

Step 2

Successful SEM Produces More DEMAND

Optimization means nothing without creating results so we’ll leave vanity metrics like “eyeballs and visits” at the door. Once we’ve locked-in your ideal-customer traffic, we’ll supercharge growth by increasing awareness and creating a ton of new leads. Since these leads were already looking for you, they’re actually customers and ready to buy.

Step 3

Successful SES Produces More CUSTOMERS

Now it’s time to harvest and convert all those hard-earned leads into revenue-producing customers. This is where we turn your SEM successes into real money, by retargeting hot-leads through organic traffic, creating focused email funnels, leveraging Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on all your buying pages, and initiating affiliate relationships and partnerships to ensure maximum market coverage.

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