Local SEO Bundle

Local SEO Bundle

The 3 Month Local SEO Bundle is the perfect starting option for a local business looking to dive into Search Engine Optimization. It will provide the basics needed to get your business on the right track, while also setting you up for future success.

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The first month of the Bundle provides detailed recommendations to get your Google My Business profile cleaned up and optimized. A Citation Audit is performed to determine what citations you already have, and identify any inconsistent ones. Finally, basic keyword research for your business and niche is performed, and you receive 5 recommended topics to write future articles on, based on keyword opportunity.

In month two of the Bundle, we build 25 new citations for your business, ensuring correct NAP is used. We also create or update a page on your site of your choice. This update will utilize keyword optimized copy along with images, alt tags, proper header structure, and internal and external links. 

Month three includes another round of citations, along with a keyword optimized article of 1,000 words. We will wrap up the Bundle with a 30 minute consultation to answer any questions and help you plan your next SEO steps.


Below is a list of the services you will receive in the 3 Month Local SEO Bundle:

Month One

  • Google My Business Clean Up
  • Citation Audit
  • Keyword Research with 5 Topics for Blog Articles

Month Two

  • 25 Citations
  • 1 Category Page (keyword research and optimization, copy writing)

Month Three

  • 25 Citations
  • 1 Keyword Optimized Blog Article (1,000 words)
  • 30 Minute SEO Consultation


The 3 Month Local SEO Bundle is priced at $1,995.00. This is broken down into 3 monthly payments of $665.00. 

If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us. 

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