Content Writing FAQ

Content Writing FAQ

Writing is a subjective topic. As such, we have provided a FAQ to provide insight into how 201 Creative writes content. 

What is your content writing process?

Our articles are written to rank on Google. As that is the goal, we produce helpful, informative content that is highly focused on what Google looks for to rank an article.

All articles that we write include an internal Article Brief. As a result, all of our articles are comprised of both algorithmic and manual research on the subject matter. 

What is your goal with the content you write?

We write an article to give you the best chance to rank in Google for your main keyword and secondary, long tail keywords.

To do this, we focus on writing articles that are clear, succinct, and informative. 

Our writing involves using keywords in a natural, organic way in the article. Use of these keywords are a must in order for the article to rank.

Are you Experts on the subject matter?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is NO. We are not subject matter experts on your specific topic. As a result, we won’t be producing content that has specific topical expertise. 

The good news is that the vast majority of content does not need to be written by a true expert in the niche. By utilizing internet research and search optimization techniques, articles can rank well. 

We avoid topics and keywords where there is clear evidence that expert content is needed in order to rank. 

Can you match my “brand voice”?

Usually not. We don’t try to infuse personality or brand into our writing. There is no evidence that Google prefers that, and it would be very difficult to do. 

If you prefer a specific brand voice to come across in your articles, we recommend hiring an internal writer OR having the article copy edited. 

Can I ask for article revisions?

Yes, we provide one revision per article. These revisions can be used to have us correct:

  • clear and obvious grammatical mistakes
  • inaccuracies or misrepresentations

Article revisions are not intended to make your content more in line with your brand voice. 

Article revisions are also not intended as a method to try and provide expert content.

I’m stuck between “wanting to rank on Google” and “wanting the article to sound good” – any suggestions?

You’re not alone. Honestly, this is probably the most common question we get (or some variation of it). 

To start with, its important to acknowledge that SEO optimized content doesn’t “sound bad” – it just might not be written in the manner your brand typically does.

At the end of the day, our #1 goal is to write content that ranks well in Google. We know how to do this very well. We use a lot of advanced keyword research and proven writing tactics to achieve this for you. 

Adding brand voice or personality to articles is often fine, as long as it doesn’t get the way of how the keywords were used and the article was structured. 

For many brands, its about striking a balance between these two objectives. We have some strategies that we’ve seen brands successfully implement along these lines, and we’d be happy to share those with you. 

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