Content Briefs

It’s one thing to commit to writing content for your website, but how do you know what you’re writing will actually rank on Google? Or, if you are hiring a writer, how do you ensure that they write articles that fully cover the topic and position your brand as an authority? Enter Content Briefs.


A content brief gives your writer everything needed to write an SEO optimized article that will organically rank in Google. We examine all of the top ranking articles to determine what topics and subtopics need to be covered. 


We analyze key metrics such as word count, header structure, and keyword density. Finally, we run each of the top ranking pages through software that helps us understand LSI keywords and TF IDF use to optimize the content for Google’s algorithm.


You receive a document with the following tenants, listed below. This document is turnkey and can be handed to your writer to follow. Once written and published, this article will have the highest opportunity to organically rank in Google.

Comprehensive Content Brief Documents

Main Keyword

Word Count

Topic and Subtopics to Include

Headers and Header Structure

Keyword Density

Related Semantic Keywords

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