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How quickly your website loads can play a major role in viewer retention. In a study by Google, the probability of a user leaving a site increases 90% when a page doesn’t display anything for 5 seconds or more. That number goes up to 103% when it reaches 10 seconds.

Over 50% of mobile web pages take over 5 seconds to show visual content on screen, and yours may be one of them.

Mobile speed infographic

Google uses site speed as one of the many ranking factors that define a website’s place in search results. The reasoning is based on their push for better usability and user experience. If your site is already fast, making it faster will not help your ranking, but if your site is slow, site speed may be holding you back from placing higher.

To check your site speed, there are many free online tools available. Each of these tools will show you different results since they operate on different engines, but all will give you valuable insights into what may be slowing your site down.

At 201 Creative, we use a combination of these tools and others to help find out why a site may be loading slowly. Common problems that we find are an overuse of WordPress plugins, poorly configured loading of 3rd party resources, templates that rely too much on JavaScript, and occasionally an overburdened server that needs to be upgraded or reconfigured. 

After any outstanding issues are identified, we can either provide you with information and advice so that your own technical team can isolate and fix the issues, or we can perform the needed tasks ourselves. 

Increasing your site speed is just one of the many steps we take at 201 Creative that can increase not only site ranking, but also user retention.

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