Site Migration

The Process of Site Migration

There are many reasons that a site migration may be necessary for your business. Moving to a different CMS (Content Management System) for scaling reasons, changing your web hosting provider, domain name changes, or a combination of any of the above can create downtime for your website if not performed correctly.

Through our combined years in the industry we have helped clients navigate through site migrations and have seen many different issues pop up. 

Some Things to Watch Out for in a Site Migration:

  • Changes to URL structure
  • Maintaining existing redirects
  • Creating new redirects
  • Changes in site speed
  • Correct canonical tags
  • Broken images
  • Keeping 3rd party tracking working
  • Social media interaction
  • Ads being displayed correctly
  • Valid robots.txt and .htaccess files

Something as simple as the switch from HTTP to HTTPS can wreak havoc on a website if you do not have a plan in place. 201 Creative can help you develop that plan using our 46-point Site Migration Checklist.

Once your site migration plan is established, we can either perform the work for you, or be an available resource for your tech department to lean on.

After the migration is complete and the “new” site is live, we can perform an audit to identify problems that may have arisen from the migration. We typically find references to old URLs in the background code, or even unforeseen consequences like an increased bounce rate or a drop in rankings for targeted keywords. We will then help you solve those issues.

A site migration can be a daunting task, but 201 Creative can walk you through it and make sure you come out the other side unscathed.

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