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Optimizing Your Website With Local SEO

Optimizing your local business’ website for organic search traffic is vital to standing out from your competition and growing. Local SEO is much different than optimizing for non-location search, and as a result, we go through a very specific approach. 

We want your business to show up in several areas of local search. For starters, it is important that you rank in the Map Pack, which is the location-based results that Google displays in map format for local searches. There are only 3 business’ that show up in each search query, so it is valuable real estate!

We also want your business to show up in the organic search results, which are just below the Map Pack. There are different things that contribute to ranking in the Map Pack vs the organic results, and we take both into consideration. 

Jared Bauman speaking in a meeting
Co-Founder Jared Bauman speaks to local business owners at a Local SEO Workshop

Here Are the Areas We Focus On When Helping a Business With Local SEO:

Site Audit and Repair

For many local businesses, the most important aspect to tackle is actually their very own web properties. If these aren’t set up properly, your ability to gain organic search traction will be seriously hampered. We can do a thorough site audit, which incorporates both a manual review and crawling software to highlight the areas that need improvement. Once fixed and updated, your website will be positioned to do better in organic search results. 

Citations Clean Up

Ensuring that proper NAP (name, address, and phone number) is being used throughout the web is important to building trust with Google as a legitimate business. Citations are any online mention of your business, and we can provide an audit to ensure that these mentions are using the proper NAP. This helps establish trust with Google to increase your rankings. 

New Citations

Citations help your business gain credibility, while also providing different areas of the web that link back to you. We can build new citations (online mentions of your business) that link back to your website, helping Google to better understand the service you provide and rank you higher. 

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business (or GMB for short) is a platform that Google provides to local business. It is the primary place Google gets the necessary information to rank your page, specifically for the Map Pack. We do a comprehensive audit of your local niche and provide optimized updates to your profile. These optimizations help you to rank in the Map Pack for your targeted services.

Content Creation

Creating relevant content on a consistent basis is important on a number of levels for a small business. Each and every piece of content gives you new keywords to potentially rank for, along with establishing consistency with Google. We can handle your content creation needs, matching up your keywords with thorough, in depth copy. 

Keyword Research

Ensuring that you are talking about the correct topics on your website and blog are essential to ranking. We do detailed keyword research, and highlight the phrases that your target market is searching on Google for. In addition, we help you line up which keywords are best suited for your brand, and which ones have low competition. This allows you to maximize your return with each keyword. 


Links to your web property help a website to rank. However, haphazard link building approaches are against terms and can be dangerous for the long term health of your site. We use outreach tactics to create relationships with other site owners and secure link opportunities, which helps your brand grow in search visibility over time. 


We our wide-ranging experience in owning and managing local business’ and websites, we can provide consulting to help your business better integrate digital marketing strategies into their everyday activities.

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