Content Plan

Why Content Matters?

Publishing content just to publish content doesn’t work nowadays. Without a plan for your content, and how it contributes to your overall SEO and brand goals, you’ll be spinning your wheels. 

With our comprehensive, strategic Content Plan, you’ll be able to get to work publishing content, knowing that it will meet your objectives while also being researched and analyzed to rank well for search engines. 

How It Works

We first review all content and articles that you have live on the site, determining what needs updating or deleting. We identify all of your articles that need updating and reworking, while also determining which articles should be deleted. 

In addition, the review includes an analysis of the site’s topical authority, including where the site has a good amount of topical authority and where it is lacking.

We then perform a Gap Analysis of competitor content to see what your competitors are writing about that you aren’t. 

Finally, we research content opportunities that should be pursued. This is based on in-depth keyword research and search intent for your target market.

You receive a report that comprehensively outlines a plan for content updates, removal, and future content to pursue.

Current Content Review

  • Highest Performing Content
  • Content that Needs Additions
  • Content that Needs Optimization
  • Content to Delete

Competitor Gap Analysis

  • Competitors
  • Keyword Gaps

Future Content Opportunities

  • Content to Pursue

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