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Reignite Rankings with Our Content Update Service

Our Content Update service breathes new life into outdated or underperforming content.

Our team of writers, editors, and SEOs conduct an extensive internal audit of your page, analyzing the content, structure, headings, keywords, and more. We identify opportunities to improve the page based on the latest search engine optimization best practices (including the HCU).

Next, our writers overhaul the content, seamlessly integrating new sections and information. Where needed, because of inaccuracies or irrelevance, we’ll remove content.

We optimize keywords, improve page flow and organization, and add multimedia like images, charts, and videos as needed. We also incorporate relevant data points, quotes from industry authorities, and answers to common questions to make the content more engaging.

Once the refreshed draft is complete, our editors thoroughly review and refine the page for readability, grammar, and technical SEO components. We also verify content accuracy.

Finally, we update your existing page in WordPress, preserving any outbound links while implementing our revised content. Throughout the process, we provide complete transparency through status tracking, so you’re kept informed each step of the way.


In summary, our Content Update includes:

  • Comprehensive internal audit analyzing existing content, structure, headings, keywords, and more to identify improvement opportunities
  • Overhaul and optimize content, integrating new content (if ordered),
  • New multimedia, quotes, and answers to common questions
  • Quotes and insights from substantiated Experts
  • Refine pages for readability, grammar, technical SEO, and accuracy
  • Update existing page while preserving links and shares

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