Chris Van Dyne | SEO Consultant

Meet Chris

Chris Van Dyne is an SEO consultant with 201 Creative, LLC. He coordinates most of the client communication with the company, along with sales, customer success, and SEO strategy.   Chris double majored in Business/Economic and Global Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara and got an MBA from Cal State East Bay.  

Chris Van Dyne | SEO Consultant

Before starting with 201 Creative, Chris worked in the ticket sales department for the Oakland A’s baseball team, specializing in corporate hospitality, sales, email marketing, and event planning. 

In 2020, with the onset of Covid, Chris decided to go full-time with his pizza-making side gig. He launched Cosmic Pie Pizza, a pop-up restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA, before moving to Santa Fe, NM, where he continued his pop-up and still does private catering events.

While running the catering business, he also immersed himself in SEO, building niche websites, and learning much of what he knows about SEO by listening to Jared on the Niche Pursuits Podcast.

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