Dianne | Content Coordinator

Meet Dianne

Dianne Quijano is the Content Coordinator for 201 Creative, LLC, managing writers, editors, and VAs to be diligent and more efficient in the articles that are being produced. Her role involves ensuring all articles are carefully selected and making sure that they’re produced uniquely by our writers and have them published in a timely manner. 

Dianne | Content Coordinator

Before joining 201 Creative, she was an Operations Manager and Executive Assistant for The Credit Team. She successfully helped the CEO manage their business while away on Active Duty Military.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Far Eastern University – Manila in April 2012. After graduating, she attended different hospitals in the Philippines and was hired as an Operating Scrub Nurse. She is also a proud member of The Red Cross Philippines.

Her passion for exploring new knowledge led her to be a team leader and she became a level 2 Supervisor from one of the 3 Major Credit Bureaus in the US for almost 5 years since 2017.

With her gained skills and knowledge, she is using them as a tool to work effectively and still eagerly wants to learn more as an added experience for her to use in the future.

Dianne lives in Manila, Philippines, with her family and six dogs. She is a dog lover and a breeder, and she supports a charity that involves animals, especially dogs. When she is not working, you can see her reading mangas, caring for her three kids, and sometimes traveling with her family locally or internationally.

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