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Ready to skyrocket your Google rankings? Let’s supercharge your online visibility with our website audit and content strategy! Led by SEO expert Jared Bauman and the 201 Creative team, we provide: 

  • Website Audits
  • Strategic Content Plans
  • Website Reviews
  • One-on-one Consulting

Flagship Options

Site Audit


A 5-part deep dive of your website, we share a comprehensive 20+ page site analysis report with prioritized action items

Site Audit + Content Plan


Receive both the comprehensive Site Audit and Content Plan to know what to fix, improve, and add to GROW your website . Best value and most popular

Content Plan


We’ll review your site and share a detailed plan for content updates, article removal, & future content & keywords to pursue

We can also offer Paypal as a payment option. Reach out to us here, letting us knowing what package you want the Paypal address to invoice.


We had tried working with several SEO agencies previously, and none had been able to move the needle. Not only did 201 Creative dramatically increase organic traffic, but their customer service is unparalleled. They provide constant updates and interaction, never making you feel like just another number or customer.

Cole Humphus, ColesClassroom.com

I have watched my website continue to climb in organic ranking which has allowed me to reduce my total ad spend. Their wealth of data driven knowledge has helped our online reviews, custom automation projects, follow up email drip campaigns, and website improvements.

– Richard Harless, AZ Flat Fee

Prior to working with 201 we only did paid ads. Within 2 months of working with 201 on SEO, we’re top ranking for several of our keywords, and our phone is literally ringing off the hook, with everyone finding us on search.

– Jeff Youngren, The Youngrens

201 Creative has helped us reduce our monthly ad spend by increasing our organic website traffic. Jared and his team are truly a great group of trustworthy people who are organized, professional, easy to work with, and honest.

– Courtney de Craen, Paws into Grace

Basic Options

Website Review


We take a comprehensive glance at all of the important components your website needs to rank

Website Review + Consulting


Receive both the Website Review and 1-on-1 Consulting to get your questions answered and rank your site (best value!)



Get all of your questions answered with a 1-on-1 consulting session with Jared Bauman

Ongoing SEO Growth Services

Grow your business – monthly service plans start at $2,000/month. Book your complimentary call today!

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    Site Audit

    A website audit can help business owners identify technical issues, content gaps, and other aspects that may negatively impact their website’s visibility, usability, and overall performance. By conducting a website audit, business owners can gain valuable insights into how they can optimize their website for search engines and improve their online presence, leading to increased traffic, conversions, and revenue.

    Our Site Audit dives into the technical side of your website. Below, take a look at the 5-step process we evaluate and report on. We’ll also send over any issues we experience as well.

    Part One: Site Health

    • DNS Check
    • Subdomains
    • Http vs https
    • Canonical URLs
    • Schema
    • XML Sitemap
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Tracking Tags
    • Recommendations for Site Health Section

    Part Two: Site Speed

    • Page Speed
    • TTFB
    • Load Time
    • Image Sizes
    • Off Page Rendering
    • Recommendations for Site Speed Section

    Part Three: Site Content

    • Meta Descriptions
    • H1 Tag & Titles
    • Social Tags
    • Recommendations for Site Content Section

    Part Four: Site Links

    • 404 and Other Errors
    • Internal Links
    • External Links
    • Recommendations for Site Links Section

    Part Five: Website Ranking Analysis

    • Keyword Ranking
    • Backlink Profile

    Content Plan

    Our Content Plans offer a comprehensive approach to improving and maximizing your online presence. You’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining all of our recommendations for content updates, removals, and future content opportunities.

    We take a close look at all of your current articles and pages to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as those that should be removed entirely.

    We then analyze the site’s topical authority. We’ll identify areas where your site is excelling in terms of topical authority and pinpoint any gaps that need to be addressed. By taking a strategic approach to your content, we help ensure that your site is covering the topics that matter most to your target audience.

    We’ll also perform a thorough Gap Analysis of your competitors’ content to see what they’re writing about that you aren’t. Finally, we conduct in-depth keyword research and search intent analysis to uncover new content opportunities for your site.

    Current Content Review

    • Highest Performing Content
    • Content that Needs Additions
    • Content that Needs Optimization
    • Content to Delete

    Competitor Gap Analysis

    • Page Speed
    • TTFB
    • Load Time
    • Image Sizes
    • Off Page Rendering
    • Recommendations for Site Speed Section

    Future Content Opportunities

    • Meta Descriptions
    • H1 Tag & Titles
    • Social Tags
    • Recommendations for Site Content Section