Rajneesh Rana | Technical Coordinator

Meet Rajneesh

Rajneesh Rana is the Technical Coordinator at 201 Creative, LLC. His work involves writing creative code solutions to solve complex issues. He also provides technical support in server management.  

He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Himachal Pradesh University. As a Software Engineer, he has pursued a professional career in web development, server management, and web security.

Rajneesh Rana | Technical Coordinator

Rajneesh has navigated a wide canvas of technologies, using PHP, HTML, Python, and cutting-edge internet and mobile technologies for developing advanced web and mobile applications. 

Prior to joining 201 Creative, LLC, he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Netgen IT Solutions, providing web-based enterprise solutions in web applications, server management, and internet security. He also undertakes network troubleshooting and has expertise in setting up and managing Windows-Linux servers, and mail servers.

Rajneesh lives in the Indian Himalayas at Shimla with his wife and son. When not working, he enjoys exploring the many ranges in the world’s highest mountains. As a traveler, he has a love for heights. He’s also a shutterbug with an amazing stockpile of pictures and has undertaken many challenging treks in his trips.

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