SEO Tactics

Recovering From a Google Update [Case Study]

This is by no means a blog post on how to recover from a Google Update. Sorry if the title made you think so.  BUT, it is a post where I will outline EVERYTHING I’ve done to one of my websites since getting absolutely clobbered by the May 2022 Google Core Update.  This site is …

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How to Delete Content For SEO Growth [867% Increase Case Study]

Have you ever considered deleting content to boost the SEO performance of your website? If done right, deleting content in bulk (along with other actions) can lead to explosive growth. However, it is essential to determine when and what to delete, and when to avoid it. In this post, I want to share with you …

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3.5X Traffic Growth in 6 Months for Local Veterinarian

We’ve more than tripled traffic for this local vet business in 6 months using SEO. Here is exactly how we did it. It isn’t as complicated as you might think. We do local SEO for businesses all the time, and prefer to keep things simple. 1. Basic Site Improvements The site is on a hosted CMS, so …

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