Which Email Marketing Service Should You Go With?

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Email marketing has been a crucial key to promoting your modern business commercially. This strategy works best when with a flexible service. When marketing your business, you must choose an email marketing provider to increase market visibility and traffic from a potential audience.

What Are the Best Email Marketing Platforms?

Most businesses lean towards using email marketing providers to garnish an audience of potential customers through mass advertising. 

Since most people spend a large amount of time browsing through their email, this provides a venue to find customers in an online market in more effective ways than most social media sites. On average, billions of emails are sent and received daily

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The best email marketing provider platforms should give their users the freedom to create compelling marketing content to attract customers. Most email marketing should be easy to reach to customers since 46% of opened emails get accessed via mobile devices. It should be customizable, easy to use and create direct connections with your potential customers.

Some people may choose an email marketing platform that fits their budget and engagement. Here are our favorite different email service providers, with their different features compared for you.


MailChimp appeals to business owners due to its many features. It offers tools for audience management and promotion on social media or landing pages. As a popular venue, most business owners benefit greatly from their services.

Marketing Provider Services and Tools

MailChimp’s audience dashboard lets you track your audience’s net growth and allows you to engage with your audience through personalized messages based upon age and gender demographics. It helps you dictate what type of content they see based on their engagement and interest. The email marketing engagement breaks down who checks your promotions often or rarely.

The segmentation feature allows users to send messages and promotions to audiences with specific interests. You can easily filter your contacts based on how much money they spent purchasing your promoted products or services and the approximate activity dates.

Types of Plans

Among the many features of this email marketing provider, Mail Chimp offers different payment plans. The Free Plan gives you 2,000 contacts, one audience, access to the marketing CRM, website builder, and a MailChimp domain. You’ll also receive forms and landing pages. Once you surpass 2,000 contacts, you’ll move on to the next plan.

You can also choose other paid plans that give you access to exclusive features and lets you manage more contacts.

What Businesses Use MailChimp?

Smaller businesses benefit from using MailChimp. Due to its free availability, it’s best suited for small businesses that can use the default features to expand their marketing presence. While it was initially used as an email marketing provider for small businesses, other companies and organizations, large and small, use MailChimp to organize its marketing to their audiences. 

Pros and Cons 

MailChimp gives you an interactive experience when designing and writing appealing emails and marketing messages to your audiences. It’s easy to navigate and has reliable email deliverability. You can also view your email analytics to track customer performance and interaction.

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However, it doesn’t provide automation for updating your customer lists and removing customers from a campaign may be complicated for some users. People who don’t want to manually update their lists may not find it reliable.


ConvertKit is an email marketing provider that lets users build their business with its marketing tools. It’s suitable for anyone who identifies as an online creator, such as bloggers or product sellers looking to build extensive sales funnels.

Marketing Provider Services and Tools

When writing emails, you can use the simple formatting options to craft a professional-looking email for your subscribers. You can also create custom buttons that act as a call to action to whatever links you wish to promote and incorporate HTML to enhance your content.

ConvertKit has a high delivery rate of 98% and ensures that your audiences will see your emails in their inboxes. You can filter each email message based on the activity of your subscribers, create customized emails to reach them, and schedule an automated date to deliver the message to them.

Premium plans also let you create templates from scratch to help you build upon your online marketing presence. With this creative freedom, you’re more likely to stand out to potential audiences and encourage them to stay subscribed to your business.

Types of Plans

You can pick from various plans, but ConvertKit offers a free plan that lets you access tools to build an audience, such as:

  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • A customizable domain
  • Management of up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Sending email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Unlimited traffic

What Businesses Use ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is typically used by small businesses that believe in email marketing that’s concise with its content. Most people utilize this marketing provider opt for marketing to an audience through text, rather than images. Professional bloggers also tend to use ConvertKit to expand their business.

Pros and Cons of ConvertKit

ConvertKit allows you to organize your subscribers with tags to let you have more flexibility for your email marketing.

However, it lacks the templates for making visually appealing emails. They’re more text-based, and might not work for some users. It may also be challenging for users to remove inactive subscribers from your email lists. You may have to do it manually. 


Hubspot provides business owners all of the means for tracking their business with its easy-to-use tools. Its drag-and-drop editor allows you to modify your emails’ layout and add calls to action and images to make it pop visually.

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Marketing Provider Services and Tools

Through the available templates, you can schedule outgoing emails to your subscribers in advance to ensure precise deliverability. The concise delivery of emails via Hubspot allows fewer emails to end up in spam for your subscribers or customers.

Hubspot allows you to instantly access your customer’s email engagement, enabling you to estimate their interest in whatever products or services you intend on marketing.  

Hubspot also holds secure privacy and data management when stored in the CRM. You can analyze your emails’ analytics and track how much time your customers spend reading your messages.

Types of Plans

Hubspot offers a variety of service plans to let you experience email marketing efficiently. The free plan enables you to send 2,000 emails a month to your subscribers or customers and gives users access to all kinds of marketing tools, including:

  • Contact and data management
  • Ad management
  • Contact website activity tracking
  • Gmail and Outlook integration with the CRM
  • Email templates
  • Email tracking and notifications
  • Messenger integration with customers via live chat

Hubspot also offers free online courses and certifications to help you enhance your business and marketing expertise.

What Businesses Use Hubspot?

Hubspot works best for growing, mid-market, and enterprise companies that want to increase their online marketing leads.

Pros and Cons of Hubspot

As with most email marketing providers, Hubspot has its share of highlights and hindrances. Some pros of Hubspot include handling marketing, sales, and customers in one CRM service and hundreds of compatible integration with other outlets.

Some cons of Hubspot include difficulty modifying templates and larger marketing automation that takes more time to establish.


Mailerlite offers tools that assist with managing email campaigns, subscriber automation, and landing pages to enhance your business. You can also create newsletters to promote your products and services to your contacts.

Marketing Provider Services and Tools

The drag-and-drop newsletter creator gives you reliable access to creating customizable email campaigns through free templates. You can also build your newsletter with the rich text editor and custom HTML editor portals.

You can customize email automation with different triggers, such as subscriptions, that match your business needs. By embracing automation, you’ll be able to increase your ROI and grab the attention of potential customers. Onboarding email sequences made to coincide with time and action also benefit from automation services.

Maiterlite allows you to view the activity of your subscribers and audiences. You can view how many emails have been sent, how many people click or opened the emails, where or how they accessed your content, and the number of those who unsubscribed.

By keeping track of these details, you’ll gain an understanding of what drives your email marketing and if you need to improve it.

Anatomy of an email marketing template

You can integrate Mailerlite with other outlets to gather more traffic through other web services, including WordPress and Shopify.

Mailerlite also has a support team that gives you quick support 24/7 via email or live chat if you choose a premium payment plan.

Types of Plans

Mailerlite offers a Forever Free Plan that gives you access to most of its features. Some features are exclusive with premium plans, such as auto resends to subscribers who haven’t opened an email or delivering an email by timezone, but you can upgrade your plan whenever you want. You also have a limitation that only lets you send up to 12,000 emails per month.

What Businesses Use Mailerlite?

Mailerllite suits all types of businesses and provides email marketing tools for startup businesses and freelancers. 

Pros and Cons

Some pros to using Mailerlite include its mobile support, domain integration, email personalization, and easy ways to import subscribers. These factors highlight an outlet that is easy to use and encourages personalization.

Some cons to using Mailerlite include delayed uploading times for importing contacts or images, a lack of templates to choose from, formatting issues, and approval processes that aren’t easy to understand. The deliverability of your emails may also vary.

What to Consider in Email Marketing Platforms?

When picking the ideal email marketing provider, you should consider some of the following features, such as:


If you’re looking for an email marketing provider with the most reliable features for you to use, I recommend using HubSpot. This provider gives you various payment options that allow you to create more customer contacts to promote your services via email easily. This service also provides tips to enhance your online marketing skills.

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