Semrush Has a New Look For 2021

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SEMRUSH provides solutions for upping your digital marketing game – from market research to content creation. And as usual, SEMRUSH is constantly polishing up its tools, adding new features, improving the algorithms, and adding more tools dedicated to tackling high-level digital marketing tasks.

The 2020 update has beastly features that can benefit bloggers, marketers, agencies, and SMBs. The revamped version boasts the following:

Branding – New Logo and Design

The brand has a new logo and design in 2021 that depicts the hard work put in by digital marketers.

Marketers create, analyze, improve, and inspire. Their work is a constant motion of ideas, numbers, graphics, and diagrams.

When aggregated, their work is an infinite mechanism, where all elements are cohesive and crucial.

As such, SEMRUSH changed its logo into a fireball with a hot-orange color.

Semrush logo 2021

The logo signifies the energy that fuels the digital marketing mechanism. And its sharp inner edge and composition display represents the clarity and precision of the infinite marketing mechanics.

The vast color palette and bold graphics embody the vivid and friendly character of the brand communication.

SEMRUSH’s logo is used in hot orange (for the basic version) and white or black (for the inverted version). The basic logo design goes with a white background, while the inverted version goes with other background colors, including photo backgrounds.

When it comes to colors, SEMRUSH boasts a range of colors divided into five shades and categorized as below:

semrush color elements of the brand identity 2021

Main colors: white, black, dark indigo, and hot orange

Additional colors: blue, violet, yellow, salmon, pink, emerald, light green, and orange

Additional background colors: mint green, purple, blue, and carmine

The brand also changed its home page design and its name – from SEMrush to SEMRUSH, am.

Besides branding, SEMRUSH has also reworked its packages and its pricing structure.

New Plans and Pricing

SEMRUSH has not changed its plans and pricing since 2017; however, as noted, it makes significant additions and improvements to the already super powerful platform – from year to year.

With the current update, the brand has increased the price to reflect the added tools, features, and benefits.

(Note, the pricing increase will only affect new users –SEMRUSH customers who will sign up for the suite in 2021.)

SEMRUSH has three plans (Pro, Guru, and Business), and key improvements are restricted to the Guru and Business plans. Here’s a quick overview of the new pricing plans.

Pro Account

The new pro account costs $119.95/month, 20% higher than the old price. Note, the account costs $99.95 per month when billed annually, saving you up to 16%.

Pro users will have more capabilities, such as:

  • Ability to create 5 projects instead of 3
  • Know competitors rankings, traffic sources, social media results, and more
  • Share PDF templates and projects with “read-only” access

 The new Pro account is ideal for freelancers, startups, and in-house digital marketers with a limited budget.

Guru Account

New users who signup to the Guru account will be paying $229.95/month or $191.62 per month when billed annually. The expanded pricing comes with expanded functionality, such as:

  • Ability to create 15 projects
  • Access to Google Data Studio Connector
  • Historical data access
  • Monitor 1500 keywords
  • Access to an advanced content marketing platform

The new Guru account is ideal for small businesses and growing digital marketing agencies.

Business Plan

The new Business account costs $448.95/month or $374.95 per month when billed annually.

The users get the following:

  • All the perks included in the Pro and Guru accounts
  • Ability to create 40 projects
  • Access to estimates of their SoV (share of voice) within the Position tracking tool
  • And more

The new Business plan is ideal for e-commerce projects, digital marketing agencies, and businesses with an extensive online presence.

Note, with SEMRUSH, you get many advanced features that usually come at a higher price than other tools. Think of hyper-local position tracking and keywords, mobile data, and extensive reporting, which features customizable options and pre-built report templates.

Moreover, with the new pricing plan, the cost per additional seat/user decreased by an average of 36%. Added to that is a 7-day free trial for the Pro and Guru accounts to test the included features.

SEMRUSH New Pricing Plans

Now let’s see what users get in return.

SEO Toolkit Updates

SEMRUSH has over 15 tools in its SEO toolkit, which covers every bit of your SEO efforts:

  • Monitoring rankings
  • On-page SEO analysis
  • Backlink management
  • And site auditing

In addition to the tools, SEMRUSH boasts the largest keyword database on the market.

The keyword database stands at over 20 billion key phrases across 128 countries. The growth dynamics are impressive, seeing that in 2018, the database had approximately 2 billion keywords.

semrush color system 2021

In the 2020 updates, SEMRUSH has added several features to the SEO tools, such as:

#1: Domain Overview, a report that provides a helicopter view of any website’s web presence. The tool indicates position trends, backlink profiles, keywords profiles, and search traffic numbers.

(Previously, you had to enter a certain country to explore the competing site’s SEO metrics. Now, you get a global-level view.

Furthermore, you’re no longer limited to domain-level analysis. Now, you have access to the subdomain, subfolder, and URL-level analysis.

Moreover, you can now analyze up to 5 rival sites simultaneously, thanks to the added Compare mode function. That’ll help spot some common patterns across the competing sites’ marketing strategies and online performance.)

#2: Keyword Overview Report, a report designed to boost your keyword strategy with actionable data.

To optimize your keyword potential, you can use the new global volume metric, which gives an estimate of a keyword’s monthly search volumes for all the 128 countries within the brand’s database. The function also has a breakdown of countries where the input keyword is searched the most.

The keyword overview report also offers more in-depth SERP analysis, highlighting the top 100 search results for the input keywords. The analysis details key URL metrics, such as search traffic, backlinks, referring sites, and keywords.

Added to that are the SERP features and questions insights included in each keyword to give users more keyword optimization ideas.

#3: Keyword Gap, a tool that’s now more polished to help discover hidden or missed paid or organic keyword opportunities. The keyword gap tool relies on competitive insights.

As noted, you can cross-match your keyword profile against (up to 5) competitors by domain, subdomain, subfolder, or URL. With that, the updated keyword gap tool automatically gathers the search volume of key phrases in your profile and highlights your top hidden or missed opportunities.

#4: Backlink Audit, a helpful feature to anyone working on link building. The tool has a Toxic Score metric that boats over 50 markers. These markers determine the potential harm level of your backlinks.

In 2020, SEMRUSH updated its algorithm, making the Toxic Score metric more advanced and accurate.

Backlink audit also keeps watch on new, active, lost, and broken backlinks. You can connect the tool with your Google Analytics account to obtain a more accurate view of your referral traffic share and backlinks. As such, you can focus your link-building efforts on web pages that matter to your business.

#5: Position Tracking, a tool that provides daily updates on your rankings for the target keywords. The tool has an option to customize the results in terms of geolocation and device type. The best part – Position Tracking includes mobile data.

Besides discovering the sites you’re competing against, Position Tracking also showcases whether you’re competing against yourself, thanks to the new Cannibalization report.

Added to that is the Share of Voice (SoV) metric that builds upon the brand’s custom Visisibility metric. As such, the tool also sheds light on the share of audience attention you can accept per certain SERP positions.

#6: Site Audit, a tool that runs your website via 130+ checks, determining the site’s health with regards to crawlability, performance, HTTPS, international SEO, and internal linking issues.

In the 2020 update, SEMRUSH released a new Market Markups report that detects any implementation issues or markup usage. The audit helps boost your organic performance and increase your chances of getting into the SERP features.

Other improvements to the SEO toolkit include the List Management tool, Traffic Journey reports, Yoast SEO integration with SEMRUSH, and more.

Competitive Research Toolkit Updates

csemrush brand territory colors 2021

SEMRUSH boasts a comprehensive competitor and market research toolkit that provides:

Market trends & benchmarks

Insights on competitor’s SEO, traffic, social media strategies, content & Pr, and online advertising

And more

The resulting granular and high-level data equips you with everything you need to create unbeatable promotion strategies and make data-based marketing decisions.

Here’s a quick overview of the most useful competitive intelligence tools.

#1: Traffic Analytics – Powered With More Audience Insights

SEMRUSH Traffic Analytics tool provides an overview of your site’s performance, including user engagement signals, traffic acquisition tactics, and top traffic sources.

In the latest update, SEMRUSH improved the traffic estimation algorithm. As such, you get more accurate information about your competitors’ traffic counts.

Added to that is the Audience insights, a report that indicates the percentage overlap between your domain and another domain.

The resulting data helps:

Better understand whether you’ve picked the right competing site for an in-depth analysis.

Evaluate your target audience potential

Make more data-driven decisions about the impact of partnerships and promotion & marketing activities with another brand.

#2: The Market Explorer

The tool provides a commendable overview of any market, helping you discover:

Audience characteristics

Emerging industry trends

Market benchmarks, and

Key players & their market share

The market explorer now covers 190 countries and regions. The tool is user-friendly and intuitive, making gathering market intelligence, bliss.  Especially, with the added Growth Quadrant widget.

The widget showcases top industry players (automatically placed into Game changers, Leaders, Niche Players, and Established players areas) and highlights their market position alterations over time.

Added to the tool is the Benchmarking Report, which enables you to analyze and compare up to 5 competitors. The report compares their key audience characteristics, traffic counts, and traffic sources.

Other improvements to the Competitive Research toolkit include Traffic Journey reports and Authority Score in backlink analytics.

Social MediaToolkit Updates

SEMRUSH’s social media suite has been upping its game across social media management. The efforts are seen in the added products that supplement the long-standing tools, such as Social Media Poster and Social Media Tracker.

The 2020 updates included:

#1: Social Media Analytics Tool

The new tool helps keep your analytics and reporting in one place. It reflects your performance metrics, including post reach, engagement, new follows, and engagement rate for Instagram and Facebook.

#2: Social Media Ads Tool

This tool facilitates your social media marketing (SEM) efforts. It allows you to create, air, manage and monitor ads across Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram; as well as, Audience Network platforms within SEMRUSH.

The brand has followed its promise: “No more complex settings, only performance-driven ads” that will provide you a competitive advantage.

Content Marketing Toolkit Updates

SEMRUSH goes beyond keyword and domain analysis. It also boasts a toolkit that demonstrates strength in writing content.

The content marketing toolkit is a key reason why bloggers, website owners, businesses, and marketers use SEMRUSH. The tool helps analyze a site’s content from a buyer’s perspective.

In 2020, the updates; include:

  • Impact hero – a new product that serves to identify high-performing assets on your site. It can also provide ideas for content improvement, at every stage of content generation.
  • Bulk payments
  • Brief templates
  • Article revision
  • More projects
  • White label approval links
  • Express orders
  • And more

Some of the listed updates are a part of the SEMRUSH content marketplace, a tool that enables you to order quality content from professional content marketers.

With the 2020 update, you can use the marketplace to order eBooks, website copy, product descriptions, email newsletters, and press releases.

The tool’s services are rolled out into annual and monthly plans. With the Premium plans, you get a 20% discount for every order in addition to unlimited revisions.

Added to that is the access to Shared Workspaces and Media Stock for visual content. The Shared Workspaces allows you to invite co-workers to create briefs, create orders, make content revisions, and leave feedback.

Get a free trial for SEMRush’s Content Marketing Toolkit here.

Final Words

Despite 2020 being an insane year, SEMRUSH did its part to ensure that its tools are of more value. Agencies and businesses alike can benefit from the updated platform. Think of customized reports that help make data-driven decisions.

The Content Marketing toolkit; in conjunction with other new features, is beneficial to bloggers and content marketers. Or professionals who are weak in language proficiency and need quality articles at an affordable price.

In all, the 2020 updates bring the consumer closer to SEMRUSH – the SEO Master. 


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